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Amy Tucker is a highly rated, fine-art trained photographer known for her artistic style. Whether capturing a bride at her most ecstatic or framing the expression on a mother’s face as she embraces her newly wedded son, Amy uses her exceptional eye for candidness and years of experience to create truly unique memories. Focusing on natural light photography, Amy and her team are able to catch every moment as it happens and strive to ensure a process as unobtrusive and inconspicuous as possible. Located in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Amy travels to wedding venues throughout the Philadelphia area and beyond, composing life through her lens all year long. In addition to weddings, she photographs a variety of subjects, including family portraits, newborns, pets, professional portraits and special events.


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When I photograph a wedding, I think of my wedding day. Not because of all the excitement of wearing the beautiful dress, spazzing out with my girls, prepping every last detail or remembering to pack my something blue. It’s the moment when the bride and groom turn to face each other and begin to say their vows. I clearly remember how I had to take a breath first, not from being nervous but from that feeling of knowing this was the moment all of that excitement and planning was for, this exact moment. I was about to tell this man I wanted to be with him forever. I remember that being the first time I truly looked at him that day. The adage is “when you know you know” and I believe that to be true. I knew when he asked me initially, I knew when the doors opened, and I was holding on to my dad to take me down to meet him. But at that moment on the altar in front of all of our loved ones is when I felt it was true. It was the surest I’ve felt about anything, and I’ll never forget it. I believe in love stories, butterflies in your stomach kind of love stories. I love being there to capture every moment on the day your love story truly begins. Marriage is the greatest love story I could ever tell.

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